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Magic is his calling. As a professional illusionist and stage hypnotist, Mister Tim has honed his craft for over a decade. He’s been fascinated with illusion-as-art since childhood, and, through daily effort and work, continually seeks to perfect his art and provide the best entertainment show in the world.

His goal at each show is to create a positive, fun atmosphere—to “break the ice” by ensuring a maximum dose of interactive entertainment, laughter, surprises and positive energy. He’s entertained for all ages at a variety of events all over the world. Whether you’re hosting a private or business gathering in a restaurant, club, or home, Mister Tim is ready to show your guests a good time. He’s specialized in magic since 2001 when a short biographical film “Abraca-dabra” was recorded about him as the youngest magician at the time. He did numerous appearances in Croatia and abroad, helped many organizers, led workshops, performed as part of humanitarian action, and appeared in the media (HTV’s show “On the Edge of Science”). He spent four years in the U.S. improving his unique style and developing new shows.

From 2010 to the end of 2015, Mister Tim has performed over 1000 shows in front of more than 100,000 viewers all across the United States (Alaska, Hawaii, Las Vegas), the Caribbean, Australia, and Mexico. This has granted him the opportunity to visit numerous beautiful places and meet many interesting people as well as gain valuable references (Carnival Co., Pepsi, Merkur Gaming, Mustang, etc.). All this experience has also given him the chance to develop creative, entertaining performances that leave every audience wanting more.

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Thanks for amazing entertainment! I will never forget my friends reaction when you made her ring appear in the freakin lemon!!!

Posted by Simi Keishing on Friday, July 31, 2015

Thank you so much your mind blowing entertainment! Your skills have brighten up our holiday. We will be following you very closely ? Laura Martin Candice Adams

Posted by Emma Thorneycroft on Monday, June 29, 2015


9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BOOK MISTER TIM TODAYVIP Magician entertaining his clients

  • Mister Tim is a member of the prestigious world organization of The International Brotherhood of Magicians
  • For him, magic is an art that can be brought closer to the audience using his skills acquired through thousands of performances worldwide and theatrical elements that leave the audience breathless.
  • At your event you not only want the best performer but also someone who will understand your guests and their needs. Mister Tim has a unique charisma which is experienced by the audience daily through his unique performances. In suit of hospitality, the epicenter of the event are your satisfied guests, who know that you are the reason for their good time.
  • Mister Tim is truly a peerless entertainer.
  • Along with spectacular magic that will surely leave you breathless, Mister Tim’s performances are filled with elements of stand-up comedy and unseen skills, which creates a unique fusion between magical and psychological illusions that ultimately lead to the “wow” effect
  • Mister Tim adjusts his performances and the effects to highlight your brand and conveys your brand messages to targeted audiences
  • His performances are a product of desires, but also the recommendations of satisfied customers
  • Proud owner of the first place award in the international competition “Magic Weekend 2014″ in Zagreb and the prize for the most creative presentation – iTricks – USA, 2013
  • At the end, remember – While others hide the ace up their sleeve, Mister Tim performs with his sleeves rolled up